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Summer Enrichment Programming

Our workshops are specially designed for the magic that is summer camp! Bring our classes to your existing program.

We love to offer free demo classes to schools, After School Programs and Summer Camps. Just fill out this form and we will give you a taste of how we do enrichment. We offer enrichment courses for grades K-12!


Summer Anthropology Mash UP

Our Summer Anthropology Classes are designed with the camp experience in mind! Kids have a blast with our hands on art based projects and still end up learning a lot about art, culture and history! We offer special workshops not usually offered in our after school programming including Egyptian Tomb Design, Special Navajo Folk Tales and Chinese Fortune Sticks.

Summer Splat Lab

Since we debuted Splat Lab in the Fall of 2018 it has been a smash hit! We currently run 12 Splats per week and no matter what school we are at kids say “This is my favorite class evverrr!!!”. Our summer Splat Lab classes feature stations called “Main Splats” and “Open Splats”. Main Splats are fun projects like Slime, Cloud Clay and Potion Making. We always have Open Splat areas where kids can explore making Cup Castles, Build Anthing Areas and Giant Drawings.

Email us to find out more about how you can bring our enrichment classes to your summer program by filling out the form below.

Contact: Executive Director Taylor Vecchio . (646)-343-9888.

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