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Our Anthropology classes enhance the school day curriculum by offering unique projects that deeply engage students. Sessions complement the DOE scope & sequence and Common Core Standards. Our sessions are also build utilizing CASEL’s standards for Social Emotional Learning well as The Blue Print Standards for the Arts.

 We offer 3,  6 and 12 week Residency Programs. We will build out a program that makes best sense for your school and grade teams. Our Educators will lead sessions once or twice per week depending on your needs. We can modify the time of each session based on your school's schedule.

We offer sessions for Elementary, Middle and High School Classes

Elementary Offerings

Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Folktales, Tricksters & Heroes                                                                            2nd Grade - My Community & Other Communities: Cultural Traditions of India, Tattoos & Shields      3rd Grade- Communities Around The World: Emperors & Dragon , Incan Story Telling                    4th Grade- New York & Local History: Indigenous New Yorkers, Immigrant Stories & Tales              5th Grade- The Western Hemisphere: Indigenous Mexico, Native American Nations

Middle School Offerings 

6th Grade - The Eastern Hemisphere: Hindu Myths, Emperors & Dragons, Greek Artifact Study    7th Grade- United States & NYC History: Indigenous Resistance                                                           8th Grade- United States & NYC History: WWII Outside of The West, Indigenous Resistance

High School Offerings 

Global History: Cultural Traditions of India, Emperors & Dragons, WWII Outside of The West              US History: Indigenous Resistance, Chinese Exclusion & Organizing                                                          Enrichment: Tattoos & Shields, Topics in Anthropology (Pre-College), Cross Cultural Case Studies



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Pop Ups

Want to add some spice to a unit or let the kids experience a new teacher?  We can offer many of our workshops as one day pop ups. 

Pop ups are also great if you are not sure how a residency can work for your class but love the idea of having anthropology in the classroom. 


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Many schools are interested in booking our classes for clubs, extended day or enrichment periods. More and more families and PTAs are interested setting up high quality enrichment programs at their schools. We've known for a long time that learning through arts and exploration is often more meaningful to youth. Talk to us about how we can be a part of your learning community.


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