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Our Culturally Responsive Anthropology classes enhance the school day curriculum by offering unique projects that deeply engage students. Sessions complement the DOE Scope & Sequence and Common Core Standards. Our sessions are also build utilizing CASEL’s standards for Social Emotional Learning well as The Blue Print Standards for the Arts. We offer Pop Ups, Residencies and special Seasonal Programming.

We teach sessions for Elementary, Middle and High School Classes

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Pop Ups

Want to add some spice to a unit or let the kids experience a new teacher?  We can offer many of our workshops as one day pop ups. 

Pop ups are also great if you are not sure how a residency can work for your class but love the idea of having anthropology in the classroom. 

Upcoming Seasonal Workshops

Hispanic Heritage Month : Day of the Dead Party, Incan Kero Cups

Fall Holidays: Indian Diwali Mandalas, Indigenous People’s Day

Seasonal Splat Lab: Harvest- Pumpkin Slime, Spider Station, Winter WonderSplat- Instasnow, Ice Cup Castles, Snowflake Factory

China Series

Dragon Robes In this workshop, youth will learn all about the detailed robes worn by the emperors of China. Each robe had special symbols, colors and details that only the emperors were allowed to wear. After studying the symbols and details, youth will create their own detailed dragon robe!

The Jade Suit In this workshop, youth will learn about the importance of jade by studying the burial practices from The Han Dynasty where the Emperor would be buried in a full suit made entirely of Jade! Youth will then get to create their own Jade suit (or made out of a material of their choice).

 PandaGrams This workshop will introduce students to the folktale of how Pandas got their black and white coloring! After studying some facts about Pandas, youth will create their own PandaGram, a paper instagram about Pandas!

 Mountains and Water  (shān shuǐ ) In this workshop, youth will learn about the importance of mountains in Chinese culture and the development of black ink landscape painting. Students will learn basic brush stroke techniques and have an opportunity to practice creating black ink mountains and learn the characters for “landscape” which is literally Mountains (shān ) and Water (shuǐ ).

 Chinese New Year Party In this workshop youth will learn about the roots of Chinese year and the mythical beast of Nian. Youth will then have an opportunity to work in stations on activities that will bring good luck such as creating door decorations, a money making station so youth can give their own custom made money to each other in red envelopes, seasonal crafts based on the animal’s year and traditional fortune sticks.

Inca Series

Keru Cups A Keru is a special cup that was an important to the Inca culture prior to the arrival of the Spaniards. In this workshop, youth will examine the design elements of the cup and learn how they were used (always in pairs of two!). Youth will then get to design their own cup.

Patchamama and the Gods of the Sun and Moon In this workshop youth will learn about Incan cosmology by studying the gods of the sun, moon and earth. Youth will examine artifacts made of gold, turquoise and Lapis Lazuli and will have a chance to create their own version based on ancient artifacts.

Llama Patchamama In this workshop, youth learn about the importance of Llamas to past and current Andean people. Students will study the artistry and design of Llama artifacts found in burial sites. Students will then be able to design their own Llama artifact using traditional materials. 


Many schools are interested in booking our classes for clubs, extended day or enrichment periods. More and more families and PTAs are interested setting up high quality enrichment programs at their schools. We've known for a long time that learning through arts and exploration is often more meaningful to youth. Talk to us about how we can be a part of your learning community. 

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Mummy Madness Series

Ammut The Demon! In this workshop students will learn about the ancient Egyptian demon Ammut, who was part crocodile, hippo and lion and was believed would eat the soul of a departed Pharaoh. Youth will learn about Egyptian design motifs and have a chance to design their own demon!

Egyptian Amulets Students will study Egyptian symbols such as The Ankh, Eye of Horus and symbol of the King. Youth will learn how amulets were believed to protect mummies from demons and were used in the elaborate burial process. Students will be able to create their own amulets based on traditional symbols.

 Canopic Jars In this class, students will learn about the use of organ jars in the Ancient Egyptian burial process. We will study the designs and protective gods for each organ and youth will get a chance to make their own jar!

Cartouche In this session, students will gain an introduction to Egyptian hieroglyphics and the use of a cartouche in ancient tombs. The cartouche is a carving with special protective elements used by Pharaohs. Youth will be able to design their own Cartouche and can imagine they are Egyptian royalty!








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